Friday, August 17, 2012

What Will be the Long Term Effects of the 2012 Elections?

We have arrived at a critical point in our countries existence according to both the Democrats and the Republicans who hold sway over the national media. I tend to agree with these people but my reasoning is most likely different then most of the elected politicians, I do believe that we are at a very critical point for country but the elections of 2012 are only going to determine if we pass thru this critical point onto a path that continues to lead this country into socialism or if we are going to continue he slow creep towards socialism.

Our current elected officials clearly do not care if they are perceived leading the country to socialism they are only concerned if they are perceived as doing it to quickly. The candidates for Republicans are using terms like replace instead of repeal when it comes to most all government programs that are hot topics on the election trail, these people clearly think they can run it better when they should not be involved with certain things in the first place. Democrats are evening using terms that clearly indicate that they plan on adding to the power grabs that have already taken place with the Federal Government, which will Fundamentally Change our country for ever.

How many people in our country look first to the Government when they have any type of problem? How many people ask the question where is the Government when a natural disaster occurs? How many people have the belief that they are entitled to have the Government take care of their every need?

Where are the people that stand tall and look themselves to solve their own problems and freely offer their help to their neighbors when they are trouble? Where are the people that believe and understand what it means to be independent? Where are the people that understand what price has been paid and what price will be paid for this country to remain free?

I honestly believe that if the current administration is reelected the Governments over reach will continue to pick up speed and we may never get it stopped. If the proposed new administration is put in place there is no indication that we will be reversing course any time soon, but the so called good news is that it may slow down the decent into socialism.

So in reality the 2012 election will not change very much when it is all said and done. The people who are dependent on the Government will still be dependent and those who are doing every thing they can to be Independent will continue to fight for it. Unfortunately for those who are trying to be Independent we are going to be out number by those who are willing dependent on the government, so our battle has just gotten hard.

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