Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The cycle of life and immortality

Even the United States of America can fail.

A evil force approaches America and it is called poverty. Real poverty, hunger poverty, survival poverty, a poverty that kills nations and enslaves the masses. A chain reaction has started, the house of cards are falling into a heap burying the dream that was America. I would speak of solutions, hope, victory, and salvation if words alone could stop the coming horrors of the destruction, but words alone can not stop the coming attractions only belief in the truth can and that will not happen until the pain of life forces those who have chosen ignorance to feel the truth for themselves. .
America fails because the cycle of life has been broken. When a select few are not allowed to fail then the many can never succeed and thus a ceiling was placed on success. Competition breeds innovations and death clears the way for the dynamic to excel to new heights. The old and broken must die or the new and energetic will never grow and thus will die an early death.
The buying power of the private sector worker is falling with each new tax and with each new tax the private sector worker becomes closer to being a slave to government. We are fast approaching the ratio of one private sector worker to one government beneficiary/worker and it is then the dream that is America will fall into the darkness and silence of history.
It has been the polarizing forced collectivism of the two party system that has infected our country with the disease of corruption silencing the voices of the many and killing the true competition that brings forth new life, new ideas, the true leadership that keeps the American dream alive. Gerrymandering(choosing your voters and silencing dissension) is the potion of immortality given to parties that has disfigured our republic and change representation into a lie. To defend the two party system you must defend gerrymandering and there is no defense for gerrymandering..

By Anonymous