Monday, February 22, 2010

Saving our Country

To save our country we need to simply start following the Constitution of United States of America. This great document is not a living and breathing document, it is the greatest blue print for allowing the citizens of this country to live with freedom. Our country is at its greatest when the people have the most freedom.

Currently our govt is trying to limit how much freedom the citizens in this country actually have through entitlement programs. Has our govt actually taken away any of our freedoms, not yet. Has our govt limited our freedoms, absolutely yes. They have limited our freedoms through the entitlement programs, regulations, and taxation.

Once a person has entered an entitlement program our govt is doing everything with in their powers to keep that person dependent on the govt for the way of life. This alone changes the behavior of the individual and limits what this individual can and is willing to do. Many entitlements had good intentions when they were created but each and every one of them has made Americans dependent on our govt instead of being Independent.

Our govt is blatantly trying to regulate the America Citizens into a behavior pattern that they theoretically believe is what is best for us. The govt is trying to pass laws to prohibit trans fat from fast food, gun ownership, types of food in our schools, etc.... Each every regulation they pass is intended to limit what choices are available to the American Citizens.

When neither Entitlements or Regulations work the govt resorts to Taxation to limit what the American Citizens are able to do. Simple rule is that if the govt raises taxes high enough the American Citizen will not be able to purchase the items that the govt believes that you should not have. If the govt taxes each American Citizens directly at a high rate it will drive the people to seek out the entitlement programs.

The American Citizens need to stand up and take control of our country before it passes the point of no return.