Tuesday, December 15, 2009

National Health Care

Why do so many people not see the examples of how our government run programs are doing? There is not one program that our government is in charge of that is running at or under budget and efficently. I seem to remeber a problem just a few years ago with the VA hospitals and how they were being run. Isn't our government in charge of the VA hospitals? Just look how the wounded soldiers are being treated, we expect the same treatment with national health care or worse then what our wounded soldiers are recieving. Why is it the governments responsibility to provide health care for the citizens of this country?

Government is the problem not the solution. This country was built by people who were able to solve their own problems and willing to take responsiblity for their own actions. At some point in our past it started to become acceptable for to pass your own problems on to some else, this is not how this country became the greatest in the world. It is time that we accept responsibility for our own problems and actions. When we start accepting responsiblity for our own problems and action our great country will be back on the right path.