Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Has the mid term Election of 20 10 really changed anything?

The mid term election of 2010 has made one change that every one in the country can see, we no longer have one party in control of the House of Representatives, Senate, and Presidency. The republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives and increased the number of seats in the Senate, but what can the American Citizens really expect to change in the next two years? I do not mean to make it sound like nothing was accomplished but we should also not get our hopes up that every thing is now going to change.

Lets face reality, the people who were in charge of the Republican party during the Great Republican Spending Spree are still in charge now four years after being removed from power in 2006 mid term election. Have any of these leaders shown us that they now understand the error of their ways and that they are going to represent the people best interest before their own interest? We have some people paying lip service to banning earmarks and others paying lip service to being willing to work the president if he moves towards the center, this sound to me like we are willing to compromise as long as we are getting what we want for personal political gain.

Why are they only talking about banning earmarks, why are they not talking about eliminating them permanently? The reason why is simple (POWER), as long as the politicians have the power to redistribute tax dollars to their pet project they will have the power to buy the peoples votes.The solution is to eliminate the earmarks.

If we want real change in how our government runs our country then we as a people need to change how we run our lives. The people that are to DC are direct representation of the people who elected them to office. When we start holding ourselves to higher standard we can justifiably hold our politicians to the same standards.

All the power to save our country is in our hands, the only real problem is do we stand up and use that power to save our country?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Eliminating Poverty

Why does our country declare war on poverty? Why has our country not fought this war with right tools to winning this war? Why has our politicians created a war on poverty expressly for their own political gain?

The simple answer is that they believe it is what a vast majority of the American people wanted to hear. With that in mind they proceed in the typical government way of trying to eliminate poverty through regulation, new governmental programs, and simply throwing money at the problem. This is the only way that the people in Washington know how to try to solve problems and this solution has been tried many times an yet it still fails to this day. Our education system is in disarray but they continue to throw money at it in the hope they can spend their way out of the problem. It is time to stop with the insanity and try to solve the problem in a different direction.

I propose that the way to solve the poverty problem is actually quite simple but very painful in the short term. If we want to mostly solve the poverty problem, we all know that not every one can be lifted out of poverty because to be lifted will require effort from the individual, we need to stop throwing money at the problem. The money that is being spent by our government to try and help people in poverty is being wasted by passing through all the different bureaucratic hands on its way to the people who could use the help. Lets keep the money that is being sent to Washington to be redistributed to the poor in the local communities where they can redistribute more of the money directly to the people that can use it.

The second step in eliminating poverty is to have jobs available for people to work at. To solve this part of the poverty problem we need to create an environment that is business friendly. If business are not able to hire due to the taxes that are levied against them from the government and regulation that restrict how they operate their business where are the jobs going to come from for those in poverty? When business are able to make profits they expand their businesses which most often requires more employees. So to create the new jobs that will be needed for all those that are now living in poverty we need businesses to be able to create the new jobs.

The third step in eliminating poverty is the taxes that are paid by all those who are earning a living. People need to be able to keep the lion share of what they are earning through the time and effort. This will also have to apply to the people who are willing to take the risk of creating news business ventures which leads to new job creation. When the people get to keep the lion share of their money they will spend it on what they need and not what the government thinks that they need.

The fourth and final step in eliminating poverty is going to be the most difficult of all to implement. This step will require the government to stop the practice of trying to make every ones life as painless as possible. People in poverty will need to have the freedom to be employed as they wish but also be responsible for their decisions regardless whether or not they are good decisions. I know it is hard for people to stand by and watch as some one else is making a mistake, but almost all people learn from their failures and when they try again they do not make the same mistakes.

If this was implemented it would have the following effects:

  1. Reduce Government Spending (Something all people want)
  2. New Job Creation (Something all people want)
  3. Lower Individual Taxes and Business Taxes (Something all people want)
  4. Fewer People On Government Subsidized Program like Welfare (Something all people want)
  5. An Economy the is Growing Due to Demand (Something all people want)
  6. An Employment Market that businesses are competing for Employees (Something all people want)
    1. By the way this would lead to higher wages for the employees due to businesses wanting the best available people and a willingness to pay for them, sound like free market principles being applied to employment.
This is a difficult solution to the problem that effects every one in our country, but the longer we wait the problems grows and the painful solution will grow accordingly.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The cycle of life and immortality

Even the United States of America can fail.

A evil force approaches America and it is called poverty. Real poverty, hunger poverty, survival poverty, a poverty that kills nations and enslaves the masses. A chain reaction has started, the house of cards are falling into a heap burying the dream that was America. I would speak of solutions, hope, victory, and salvation if words alone could stop the coming horrors of the destruction, but words alone can not stop the coming attractions only belief in the truth can and that will not happen until the pain of life forces those who have chosen ignorance to feel the truth for themselves. .
America fails because the cycle of life has been broken. When a select few are not allowed to fail then the many can never succeed and thus a ceiling was placed on success. Competition breeds innovations and death clears the way for the dynamic to excel to new heights. The old and broken must die or the new and energetic will never grow and thus will die an early death.
The buying power of the private sector worker is falling with each new tax and with each new tax the private sector worker becomes closer to being a slave to government. We are fast approaching the ratio of one private sector worker to one government beneficiary/worker and it is then the dream that is America will fall into the darkness and silence of history.
It has been the polarizing forced collectivism of the two party system that has infected our country with the disease of corruption silencing the voices of the many and killing the true competition that brings forth new life, new ideas, the true leadership that keeps the American dream alive. Gerrymandering(choosing your voters and silencing dissension) is the potion of immortality given to parties that has disfigured our republic and change representation into a lie. To defend the two party system you must defend gerrymandering and there is no defense for gerrymandering..

By Anonymous

Friday, August 13, 2010


It is time for all the people of the United States of America to stand on their own two feet.
It is time for all the people of the United States of America to take control of their own lives.
It is time for all the people of the United States of America to remember what Independence means.

Independence does not only mean that our country is free from the influence of foreign countries, which when we open our eyes to reality we as a country are not truly free from foreign influence, but we as a people living in the United States of America are free to pursue our dreams and desires. Independence comes with consequences, with Independence each and every one of us has to take on the responsibility for our choices and actions. If we want Independence then we have to take on the responsibility associated with Independence because the two can not be separated. 

To many things in our society have become dependent on one of the most destructive forces against Independence, The GovernmentThomas Paine stated "Government in its best state is but a necessary evil, in its worst state an intolerable one."  I submit at the present time our government has progressed to an intolerable evil. Our government has placed taxes on the citizens of this country that far exceed their Constitutional powers and the intent of our Founding Fathers. Our government has progressed from simply taxing the citizenry to pay for the services as specified in the Constitution to using the taxes to redistribute the wealth of the citizenry as the elected officials see sit. Why is it that the people of the United States of America are so willing to allow elected officials to redistribute the wealth? My answer is because as a society we have willing chose to allow the government to take the responsibility for us. We as a society have chose to let some one or some thing else to make the decisions so that we do not have to be responsible for the out come of those decisions.

Some will say the this is not our fault because the government has been teaching each generation that the government will catch them if they should fall. Those who say this need to look themselves in the mirror and ask "
am I blaming some one else for my own lack of interest?". Lets face it, the only people responsible for the state our country is in is "US". As far as I am concerned it is no longer who is responsible but how are we going to fix it.

Independence is what makes not only our country great, it also is what makes the people great. Just look at all the great things that have been created and invented in our country and how they have affected the rest of the world. I am not saying that these invention would never have come along, but they would not have been found as quickly with out the Independence the people of the Unite States of America use to have.

So it is time for the all the people of the United States of America to make a choice:

    1. Do you chose to be dependent on the Federal Government?

    2. Do you chose Independence?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fixing Our Country

My fellow Americans we have a great deal of many problems facing our country and while they look daunting we can correct these problems so our country can return to the path of greatness. When we take all these problems together as a hole it seems to be a very large problem that only a few people can correct, but that is an illusion. We have a bunch of small problems that have never been taken care that is giving the country the illusion that there is one big problem in country. While many are complaining about what is happening there is only a few who are actually trying to solve the problems facing our country and it would surprise the country who is actually trying to solve the problems. The following are the problems that I see and how I would like to see them solved.
  • Immigration
    1. We need to seal our borders to stem the follow of Illegal Immigration to our country
    2. Once the borders have been sealed and person current residing Illegally in our country will be required to identify themselves. Once they have identified themselves they will be required to perform the following:
      1. They will be required to pay a fine equivalent to the cost of Legal Immigration
      2. They will be required to learn our langauge
      3. They will be required to learn our history and at least 7 of the following events (The first four will be mandatory). After studying these events there will be a test of comprehensions on these events
        1. American Revolution
        2. American Civil War
        3. The Great Depression
        4. World War 1 & 2
        5. The War of 1812
        6. The Louisiana Purchase  
        7. The California Gold Rush
        8. The Mexican American War
        9. The Cold War
        10. Civil Rights Movement
        11. Woman's  Movement
      4. After completing the history test and paying of the penalty these Illegal Immigrants can obtain a limited workers visa
      5. Once the limited workers visa is obtained there will be a period of 5yrs that the Immigrant will need to obey the laws of our country. If the Immigrant is convicted of a felony during this period of time, they will be deported to their home country immediately upon conviction. If there is a family involved, the family will have a choice to remain in our country or leave.
      6. Upon completion of the 5yrs  period the Immigrant will become a naturalized citizen of our country
    3.  All Illegal Immigrants will be denied access to the public schools, public services, and medical treatments with the exception of live and death situation.
    4. All business that employ Illegal Immigrants will have all their business assets confiscated and the owners of that business will be placed in jail for a period of 2yrs
  • Taxation
    1. Eliminate all current taxes and replace with a consumption tax.
    2. All tax money that is collected will be sent to a State Agency established to collect the taxes sent to them by Businesses every two weeks.
    3. The State Agency Established for collecting taxes will then forward the portion of the taxes to the Federal Government that is their fair share. 
    4. The elimination of the Internal Revenue Service
  • Entitlements
    1. Social Security will be maintained at current contribution levels
    2. Medicare is to be phased out over the next 30 yrs
    3. Medicaid is to be phased out over the next 30 yrs
    4. Welfare is to be reformed to the following standards
      1. People may only collect welfare for 2 yrs 
      2. Welfare payments are to be no more the cost for minimum wage for a 40 hrs week
      3. People collecting welfare may only claim 2 children
      4. People on welfare will be required to actively search for employment on a weekly basis. They will also be required to contact their welfare representative with their progress and show the representative documentation of when and where employment was being actively searched for.
      5. People collecting welfare will submit to random drug testing, any person testing positive will be removed from the program for a minimum of 90 days from the time of testing positive. To regain access to welfare they will need to test negative for drugs
      6. All people collecting welfare must provide a valid address for where they live. All addresses will be collected into data base that all welfare representatives will check before any payments are released.
    5.  Unemployment will be reformed to the following standards
      1. Unemployment will only be available for 52 weeks
      2. Unemployment payments will not exceed  minimum wage for a 40 hrs week
      3. People collecting unemployment will be required to actively search employment on a weekly basis. They will also be required to contact their unemployment representative with their progress and show the representative documentation of when and where employment was being actively searched for.
      4. Unemployment will be equally funded by both the employer and the employee 
  • Military
    1. All military bases located in other countries are to be closed over 30 yrs phase
    2. Any foreign country that wishes for the United States to maintain the current bases located in their country will pay for at least 1/2 the cost to operate and maintain the base and personnel.
    3. We will provide all necessary funding to provide our troops with the tools and equipment that is required to protect our country
By fixing these few problems we can place the feet of our country back on the path to greatness. Once we place our country back on the path to greatness our work will only begin, we will need to remain alert to what our elected officials are doing while they representing the people of the United States of America.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Founding Fathers

I have to admit that until the last few years I have been under educated on the Founding Fathers and our countries history, but I have been taking steps to educate myself through the books that are available. These books have been very enlightening and my eyes have been opened to how far we as a country has strayed from the original intentions of our Founding Fathers. Now do not get me wrong, I am not an expert on the Founding Fathers and there is a lot yet that can be learned from them.

One thing that has jumped out to me recently is the Founding Fathers wrestled with how to keep people with virtue in all forms of Government. The Founders had great concern of what type of people would be elected if the elected positions would actually pay enough to survive live on. From my understanding the Founding Fathers did not want elected officials to be paid at or if they were it would be very minimal amounts. If I am understanding their intentions correctly they wanted elected officials to have to work to survive and not live off the people of this country. I also found it interesting that they only met once a year for a limited period of time, this forced the elected officials to spend the majority of their time at home where the people who elected them could discuss their views and problems with their own elected officials.

Lets fast forward to day and compare what I believe the Founders intended to today's government. We have elected officials very similar to what the Founders originally set up, the one difference is how our Senators are elected today. Originally the Senators were elected by the states legislators but now a days it is a popularity contest. Another difference from the Founders to today is that our elected officials are able to survive on the pay for the elected office they are using, which coincidentally allows them to stay in DC year around.

Now lets look at the people that are being elected to the offices of the United States of America. We have people elected that have not payed their taxes, people who have had questionable sexual contact with others, people who only pay lip service to their own religion, people who lack principles and values that reflect most Americans.

Essentially our Founding Fathers were correct in their concern of what would happen with people with virtue get elected to our public offices. We have people elected that willing look to how to bypass our Constitution and limit our freedoms. It is high time to return to what our Founding Fathers intended for our country.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Changing of Our Great Nation

Our nation was founded by people who were willing to do for themselves and found it embarrassing to have to ask for a hand out from their fellow citizens. Slowly but surely this has changed over the 233 years of our nation. Today we have many in this nation that no longer are embarrassed about taking hand outs from their fellow citizens, but they demand it from them. If some one loses their job people think that their fellow citizens should help pay for the unemployment instead of going out getting any job they can until a better job can be found. If some one makes an investment in the stock market and loses their investment they want some one to reimburse them for their loses. If some one can not make their mortgage payment they expect some one to pay it for them or the mortgage holder to except the lack of payment.

What ever happened to living with your means and paying your bills? What ever happened to relying on your own abilities and talents? What ever happened to taking responsibility for your own decisions and accepting the consequences of those decisions?

If we want to see this great country to survive what is happening right now we need to start becoming self reliant once again. This country is great because every citizen has and equal opportunity to succeed and it is up to that citizens to take the opportunity by the horns to make the best of it that they possibly can.

Being self reliance is the solution to saving our country, when people are self reliant they will not look to the government for their solution but make the best solution possible for them. Our country is so diverse that a one solution fits all can not and will not work for every one in the country, so the only solution that will work is self reliant solutions by the citizens of the country.

The men in the above picture did not try to solve every ones problem when they were creating the Constitution , they were setting up the measure to protect the new country that they and many others fought so hard to form and that we are very lucky to be part of. These men understood that they could not solve every ones problem and that they people would be able to solve their own problems if they were left to their own means. How have we strayed so far from what these great men provide for our generation?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Losing Touch

The politicians in DC have lost touch with the people that they are elected to represent. The most current example is health care and how it is being handled by the political elites in DC. No matter what has been done or said by the people of the United States they continue to push ahead with national health care regardless. How can we force our elected officials to regain contact with us? The solution can not only be limited to the people in DC, it must also involve state and local officials. The citizens of our country can no longer afford to allow these political elites to go unsupervised, we need to remind them who they are actually working for.

The first thing we need to do is to have a better selection candidates to vote for. We need people who reflect our values and principles to be candidates. We can not allow the dems or repubs to be the only ones to determine who is being put for election, we can see the results of the good old boy network in action and it's affects on our country. Next thing we need to do is not to allow these people to have their closed door meeting in secret any longer, all meetings need to be held in the open an for the public to see. The only exception would be in the case of National Security. Once we have the light shining on these people the next step is to get them back in touch with the people they representing. To do this I think they need to spend only a very limited time in DC and most of their time in their home district where people can actually meet with them.

The most important part of fixing our country is that the people never again allow the govt to work unsupervised. This is our country and it is up to all of us take our share of responsibility in how our country is to be.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Saving our Country

To save our country we need to simply start following the Constitution of United States of America. This great document is not a living and breathing document, it is the greatest blue print for allowing the citizens of this country to live with freedom. Our country is at its greatest when the people have the most freedom.

Currently our govt is trying to limit how much freedom the citizens in this country actually have through entitlement programs. Has our govt actually taken away any of our freedoms, not yet. Has our govt limited our freedoms, absolutely yes. They have limited our freedoms through the entitlement programs, regulations, and taxation.

Once a person has entered an entitlement program our govt is doing everything with in their powers to keep that person dependent on the govt for the way of life. This alone changes the behavior of the individual and limits what this individual can and is willing to do. Many entitlements had good intentions when they were created but each and every one of them has made Americans dependent on our govt instead of being Independent.

Our govt is blatantly trying to regulate the America Citizens into a behavior pattern that they theoretically believe is what is best for us. The govt is trying to pass laws to prohibit trans fat from fast food, gun ownership, types of food in our schools, etc.... Each every regulation they pass is intended to limit what choices are available to the American Citizens.

When neither Entitlements or Regulations work the govt resorts to Taxation to limit what the American Citizens are able to do. Simple rule is that if the govt raises taxes high enough the American Citizen will not be able to purchase the items that the govt believes that you should not have. If the govt taxes each American Citizens directly at a high rate it will drive the people to seek out the entitlement programs.

The American Citizens need to stand up and take control of our country before it passes the point of no return.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


It is time that our tax system be changed from archiac system in place to one that is fairer to the people paying the taxes. There are proposals out there for both a consumption tax and a flat tax. I view both of these systems as better than what we currently use. the current system a common person can not understand due to how many gray area have been created as to what is a tax deduction and what is not.

My understanding of a consumption tax is paid when products are purchased. So basically the consumer can decided when they want to pay the tax simply by purchasing a product. This tax system is supposed to work similar to our current sales tax system.

My understanding of a flat is simply a tax on an individuals income that is the same rate for everyone. It would eliminate all the different tax brackets based on income that is currently used. With the flat tax every one would pay their share of the tax burden based on their income.

By having a tax system that the people of this great country understand the people can plan accordingly how to manage their money which will help to make our economy stronger.