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  1. Fellow patriots, there is darkness in our society. There is a concerted effort to segregate every possible group. The progressive movement is attempting to divide us completely. We must regard this as an attack on liberty. Any attempt to marginalize American citizens is an attack on the very principles that founded this nation. This is a time to unite not divide. We are a nation of individuals, a nation that respects individual liberty. There are very powerful people with very deep pockets who wish to have dominion over humanity. They make claims that they are caring people who want to unite but shamelessly do the opposite. These silver tongued emissaries are uniting only those who ignorantly fall prey to the lies. They will unite union members (SEIU, AFL_CIO, NEA, etc.) to fight against us, they will unite young students (La Raza- the race) to rally against us and champion the likes of Chez Guevara a known murderer. They are using failed social models to break down the last bastion of freedom and the remaining beacon of liberty in the world.

  2. My belief and hope in the America I know and fought diligently for, is the land of opportunity, equal justice, free enterprise, and that shining city on a hill. We are a solid and steadfast friend of Israel. We have been a light of hope for people who live where the most egregious of crimes against humanity still exist. The time has come for us to be heard. Know our countries founding principles and speak them loudly. Understand that we have made mistakes in the past but we have learned from them and wish not to repeat them. Do not cower at angry faces in the crowd. Do not cower before the tyrant. Stand tall and shoulder to shoulder all of my friends as we squash this tyranny with peaceful protest. Knowledge is our shield, and our word will be our sword.