Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Has the mid term Election of 20 10 really changed anything?

The mid term election of 2010 has made one change that every one in the country can see, we no longer have one party in control of the House of Representatives, Senate, and Presidency. The republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives and increased the number of seats in the Senate, but what can the American Citizens really expect to change in the next two years? I do not mean to make it sound like nothing was accomplished but we should also not get our hopes up that every thing is now going to change.

Lets face reality, the people who were in charge of the Republican party during the Great Republican Spending Spree are still in charge now four years after being removed from power in 2006 mid term election. Have any of these leaders shown us that they now understand the error of their ways and that they are going to represent the people best interest before their own interest? We have some people paying lip service to banning earmarks and others paying lip service to being willing to work the president if he moves towards the center, this sound to me like we are willing to compromise as long as we are getting what we want for personal political gain.

Why are they only talking about banning earmarks, why are they not talking about eliminating them permanently? The reason why is simple (POWER), as long as the politicians have the power to redistribute tax dollars to their pet project they will have the power to buy the peoples votes.The solution is to eliminate the earmarks.

If we want real change in how our government runs our country then we as a people need to change how we run our lives. The people that are to DC are direct representation of the people who elected them to office. When we start holding ourselves to higher standard we can justifiably hold our politicians to the same standards.

All the power to save our country is in our hands, the only real problem is do we stand up and use that power to save our country?