Sunday, January 3, 2010


It is time that our tax system be changed from archiac system in place to one that is fairer to the people paying the taxes. There are proposals out there for both a consumption tax and a flat tax. I view both of these systems as better than what we currently use. the current system a common person can not understand due to how many gray area have been created as to what is a tax deduction and what is not.

My understanding of a consumption tax is paid when products are purchased. So basically the consumer can decided when they want to pay the tax simply by purchasing a product. This tax system is supposed to work similar to our current sales tax system.

My understanding of a flat is simply a tax on an individuals income that is the same rate for everyone. It would eliminate all the different tax brackets based on income that is currently used. With the flat tax every one would pay their share of the tax burden based on their income.

By having a tax system that the people of this great country understand the people can plan accordingly how to manage their money which will help to make our economy stronger.