Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Country

We need to have our country returned to the right path before it is destroyed. For many years our Governement has been slowly leading our country down a path were they are trying to create a Utopia. They are trying to change our country into a place that no has to suffer, worry about working hard, worry about a job, woryy about housing, or worry about making a mistake. This will lead to where the Government will make all the decision for everyone, but to do this we will have to allow the Governement to remove all of our rights and freedoms. The Governement will tell us where we can live, when we can hvae medical treatment if any, how much food we can have, where we will work, etc.... The Government is using national crises to to slowly remove our freedoms with terms like "it is for the good of the people". The Great Depression is a great example of how the Governement is willing to trample our rights to get the power they need to control us.