Friday, April 10, 2009

We the People Part 2

It seems that our nation has lost the can do attitude and taken up the give me attitude. I am 37 yrs old andcan see how my generation is different from the previous generation, it is not a good. Most people of my generation want the nice office and the good paying job from the time they leave school, they feel entitled to start at the top, but they do not want to earn it. Fortunately I was raised by caring parents that taught me to set goals and then earn what I wanted.

The way my generation is not all the fault of the kids, some of the fault is with their parents. The parents want all the good things for their kids and set about to getting them for the kids. The parents are also trying to sheild their kids from the hardships that they went thru when they were kids, but they forget that those hardships is what has formed them into the person that they are and set their values.

The side effects of how the kids are being raised are:
1. Kids do not know how to deal with failure
2. Kids expect every thing they ask for to be given to them
3. Kids do not learn how to earn what they want

If we continue to raise our kids this way, we will hamper them for life and inturn hamper our great country. Unfortunately we our not the future of this country, our children are.

Please change the future by raising your children with the values that your parents taught you.