Monday, May 3, 2010

Founding Fathers

I have to admit that until the last few years I have been under educated on the Founding Fathers and our countries history, but I have been taking steps to educate myself through the books that are available. These books have been very enlightening and my eyes have been opened to how far we as a country has strayed from the original intentions of our Founding Fathers. Now do not get me wrong, I am not an expert on the Founding Fathers and there is a lot yet that can be learned from them.

One thing that has jumped out to me recently is the Founding Fathers wrestled with how to keep people with virtue in all forms of Government. The Founders had great concern of what type of people would be elected if the elected positions would actually pay enough to survive live on. From my understanding the Founding Fathers did not want elected officials to be paid at or if they were it would be very minimal amounts. If I am understanding their intentions correctly they wanted elected officials to have to work to survive and not live off the people of this country. I also found it interesting that they only met once a year for a limited period of time, this forced the elected officials to spend the majority of their time at home where the people who elected them could discuss their views and problems with their own elected officials.

Lets fast forward to day and compare what I believe the Founders intended to today's government. We have elected officials very similar to what the Founders originally set up, the one difference is how our Senators are elected today. Originally the Senators were elected by the states legislators but now a days it is a popularity contest. Another difference from the Founders to today is that our elected officials are able to survive on the pay for the elected office they are using, which coincidentally allows them to stay in DC year around.

Now lets look at the people that are being elected to the offices of the United States of America. We have people elected that have not payed their taxes, people who have had questionable sexual contact with others, people who only pay lip service to their own religion, people who lack principles and values that reflect most Americans.

Essentially our Founding Fathers were correct in their concern of what would happen with people with virtue get elected to our public offices. We have people elected that willing look to how to bypass our Constitution and limit our freedoms. It is high time to return to what our Founding Fathers intended for our country.